Different Types of Accessories for Satellite Phones

Satellite phones are becoming hugely popular in Australia in the recent times as they are highly used by business persons and others who love to travel a lot. Due to this reason, the Aussie Government is offering a subsidy that can pay 50% to 85% of the overall cost. When you have a satellite phone of your own, it is essential to opt for some accessories for your satellite phone. These accessories can make your iridium phones and Isat phones much functional.

Pelican cases:

These cases are available in tailored fit style to suit the requirements of Isat and iridium satellite phones. The elegant looking case can prevent any kind of damage to your satellite phone even in case of vehicle impact while on transit or on occasions like a rollover.

Additional recharge battery:

This standard size battery can be useful if the main battery of the satellite phone has run out charge or is lost. These batteries are compatible with both Iridium and Isat phones and can last longer, in terms of standby time as well as talk time.

Isat phone carry case:

These are specially designed for your Isat phones and are constructed with softer materials. This case features belt clips, carabineers and carry strap that allows you to attach it easily with travel packs.

International plug in kit:

This is specially designed for Iridium satellite phone to plug in at the various outlet formats based on the standards of different countries. The kit features 5 adapters that can be used along with your travel charger. It is compatible with the formats of Australia, UK, India, US and Europe.

Vehicle charger:

This vehicle charger can be used to recharge both Iridium and Isat phones and can be used to charge them through the 12 volt cigarette lighter found in cars. When you are travelling to a remote location or a place like the woods, you can charge phone through your car.
Thus, when your satellite phone is equipped with such accessories, it is easy to stay in touch and wander about in and out of Australia.


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