How do you use an Isatphone to make a call

The Isatphone Pro is one of the best handheld satellite phones globally and the most popular in Australia. It is a great handset which is very easy to use but if you have never used one before, there are a few things you should know before making any call.

This article gives a step by step explanation on how you can use an IsaPhone Pro to make a call.

The first step is to turn the phone on. Press and hold the red button on the surface of the phone for a period of about 5 seconds to start the power up sequence and light up the screen.

For this satellite phone to work, you have to be in a place with a clear line of sight to the satellite. Within Australia, the satellite to use is on the equator above the Queensland Territory boarder. You then need to extend the phone’s antenna to point up towards the satellite. If you are in the very southern areas of Australia, tilt the antenna slightly in order to face the satellite.

Once this is done, the signal strength will be indicated on the top left corner of the phone’s screen. You will also see a little red icon on the top right corner of the screen which disappears after a few seconds. This red icon indicates that you do not have a GPS location which is required by the phone in order to register to the network. In case it does not disappear, GPS tracker will show up on the screen to assist you get the best GPS location.

The phone will start registering to the satellite system immediately the red icon disappears and the signal goes up. Once it’s ready, the phone will beep and the screen will show “Ready for Service” message. The phone is now ready and you can make a call.

For the call to be successful, ensure that you dial correctly. This is because the phone is on global satellite so the number you use should be arranged in the correct global format. Once you dial the phone number correctly, press the green button and enjoy the call.

If you follow these simple instructions, you will have an easy time with this satellite phone.

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