How to use an Isatphone to make a call

Once you have your isatphone, you will be required to activate the sim-card before you can actually use the phone. This is because Inmarsat (the company behind the phones) does not activate the line for security reasons until it gets into the hands of its potential customer. This can be done by contacting the company you purchased the Isatphone from. You will be issued with a phone number once the card has been activated. So, how can you use the phone to make a call?

First, you will be required to turn the phone on before you can proceed and use it for making a call. This can be done by holding the red button on your isatphone for a few seconds until the screen lights up. You have to ensure that you’re standing outside where you can have a clear sight of the satellite. You can now extend the antennae and let it point towards the satellite by slightly angling it.

It’s then that you will see a strength signal at the screen’s top left corner together with a red icon. The red icon will indicate that you don’t have a gps location. Just give it a few seconds and the icon will disappear or wait until a gps tracker shows up on the screen to help you locate the best gps lock.

Once the signal shows up after the red icon has disappeared, the phone will automatically start registering on the satellite’s system. The phone will beep once the registration is completed and a ‘ready for service’ message will appear on the screen. This will indicate that your phone is ready to make a call.

To make an international call, you will be required to use an international sequence of + or 00, proceeded by the code for the country that you’re calling, then the area code (don’t include the two zeros) before finishing up with the phone number. You can now press the green button to connect and make the call.

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