Iridium 9575 accessories

This unique and highly efficient satellite phone model is among the first to offer integrated phone services such as customized GSPS ,personalized contacts, among other outstanding accessories and features. The satellite is packed with the following features, durability, 3.5 talk time hours, personalized contacts, hand ergonomics, programmable emergency notifications and an internally stored antenna.
Iridium 9575 Beam Drive Dock Extreme

The Hands-free docking station features transport installation for the Iridium handset. It contains an in-built echo barrier and complete duplex technologies that offer high voice quality as well as hands-free and privacy calls .

The satellite phone handset fits securely into the dock, which contains a USB serial data connectivity, integrated antenna, phone charging and power connection which enable it to keep power and all antenna cables connected permanently to the drive dock. It has a simple click to lock functionality which can be inserted and removed at the click of a button.
Iridium 9575 Beam Lite Dock Extreme.

This the best docking station for iridium extreme handsets that are used in fixed sites maritime, transport applications. It also fits well into the docking station using the above mentioned easy click to lock functionality. It is specifically designed to allow users to makes use of SOS emergency and connect to external GPS as you can connect an antenna to the dock. The lite DOCk in which the handset fits into contains GPS antenna that is integrated phone charging and a USB data port which make it ready for use.

Iridium 9575 Potsdock Extreme.
It also uses the easy click to lock functionality and hence the handsets fit perfectly into the docks. Apart from allowing you to use SOS emergency and connect GPS to the antenna the post DOCK supports the utilization of compact BEAM privacy phone which can easily be attached to the dock for added convenience. Other outstanding features of the dock are power and data connection antenna that is integrated and permanent power connected to the antenna which keeps it useful throughout.

Iridium 9575 Docking Stations

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