Satellite phones

Satellite phones also referred to as sat phones connect to the satellites that are orbiting the earth rather than terrestrial cell sites that are used by the other mobile phones. They are popular for remote areas expeditions where the regular cell services are not available. This is because the satellite signals can be received anywhere in the globe even on mountains and on the sea beds.

The only condition for satellite communication is the presence of a clear line of sight between the antenna of the satellite phone and the sky. From the definition of the sat phones it is apparent that they are suited for aircrafts cruise s hips travelling in the wild and any other areas that do not get regular cellular reception.

Models of satellite phones.

There are currently two main models the Isat and the iridium. We list the features of each model.

Isat features:

Packed with the main phone services that include voicemail, text messaging, GPS location and voice calls.
Long battery life: with 100 hours while on standby and upto 8 hours of talking time.
Strong handset that is shock and dust resistant and tolerated humidity.

Bluetooth enabled:
it is among the few satellite phones that have this feature enabled.

High voice quality and clarity.

Network connection is outstanding and reliable as the model can operate over geostationary satellites across the globe.
The interface is stylish has a visible screen and a big keypad for dialing which makes the phone easy to use.

Iridium model.

This satellite phone model is among the first to offer incorporated services such as GPS that can be customized ,personalized contacts ,among other unique accessories and features. It is more than a phone.


Emergency notifications that are programmable.

Durability that meets military standards.

Antenna is stored internally.

Superior hand ergonomics.

3.5hours talk time and standby of approximately 30 hours.

Personalized contacts.

Incorporated SOS features

Satellite phone accessories.

Satellite phones have their own set of special accessories. The following are some of the accessories used by both models i.e. isat and iridium:

Antenna adaptors:
these are connected to the satellite phones and allow the handsets to connect to the portable auxiliary antenna.
Batteries: the batteries are designed to be long lasting long life and rechargeable for use in these phone models. The battery can be used as a spare battery or to replace the original battery.

Car charger:
the charger is another important accessory for satellite phones it is designed to be used in the standard 12 V DC sockets that are fitted in vehicles and plugged directly to the phones to charge.

AC wall charger:
the wall charger kit consists of international plug converters that are well suited for travel.
Privacy hands free: this accessory is a retractable earpiece that is especially designed for people that are on the move.they are plugged into the hnadsets to make them easier to use.

The Iridium 9575 Extreme Handset

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