What Accessories To Expect From Your Satellite Phone

The use of satellite phones alternatively known as sat phones has been on the increase over the last decade. People are finding it more efficient to use sat phones instead of the common cellular phone. Unlike cellular phones, sat phones allow communication through use of satellites located in the orbit. Since it does not rely on cellular towers, the phone is commonly used in remote locations. In order to ensure the phone provides good service, the following accessories should come with the phone:

Free High Capacity Batteries

How well the batteries keep charge will influence the efficiency of the phone.
The battery will usually last for 30 hours on standby or when not in use. During use the phone’s battery lasts approximately 3 to 4 hours. Companies that sell or lease the sat phones usually provide high capacity batteries free of charge.

AC Travel Charger

Due to the nature of operation, a satellite phone will usually use more energy as compared to an ordinary cell phone. The sat phone will also be used in the outdoors and in remote places. Despite the phones coming with high capacity batteries that will last for a long time, the device will need to be charged occasionally.

Leather Holster

A satellite phone is very durable, it is meant to withstand the harsh weather and the rough terrains. The phones are usually water, shock, and fall resistant. Nonetheless, using a leather holster to protect the sat phone will extend its life. The holster also makes the phone more portable and user-friendly.

3 must have satellite phone accessories

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